March 3, 2018

A National Student Conference on Voter Engagement and Activation

Hosted by F&M Votes, Franklin & Marshall College, Lancaster, Pa.

Every expert on US elections agrees that students are one of the least-represented groups in our democracy. Since 2004, F&M Votes has been challenging the perception that low rates of student voting are inevitable by mobilizing thousands of students to go to the polls where they study, since the evidence demonstrates that encouraging students to cast absentee ballots will severely limit their civic participation. As a nonpartisan student/faculty/staff and alumni campaign dedicated to grassroots organizing, we register at move-in day and in classes followed by an intensive GOTV (Get Out the Vote) outreach before and on Election Day.  Working closely with our county Board of Elections, we defend students’ right to vote where they attend school, as affirmed in the Supreme Court’s 1979 Symm v. United States decision.

In March 2018, we invite campus leaders from across the country to join us for hands-on training. Come hear from national experts on student voting rights. Learn how to build an effective, nonpartisan coalition that helps students vote where they study. Practice face-to-face voter registration techniques. Discuss how to mobilize students in time for the 2018 congressional midterm elections. Every institution will produce a detailed plan for implementation in 2018 to enhance student voting.

The conference is an all-day workshop on Saturday, March 3, 2018. Accommodations will be available at reduced rates for both Friday and Saturday nights. Lancaster is easily accessible by car, Amtrak, and major airports.

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